Google Local Service Ads:

Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search

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About The Webinar

Have you noticed Google is changing local search and giving a big advantage to local businesses? Local Service Ads (a pay-per-lead ad) can be found at the very top of Google to help homeowners find you right away.  

Join us online at our first-ever Google Local Service Ads webinar! Our in-house expert, Meg Robinson, will be walking through everything you need to know: the opt-in process, best practices to get started and optimize along the way, and common misconceptions.

This webinar is FREE and you'll learn: 

  • What Local Service Ads are & why they matter for you
  • The process of applying to Local Services Ads
  • Real world client results from 300+ Local Service Ad accounts launched this year
  • How to manage leads in the dashboard 
  • What to do to dispute any "bad leads"

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