The Home Contractor's Ultimate Social Media Marketing Academy

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What is the Ultimate Social Media Marketing Academy all about?

Join us for an end-of-the-year webinar series about how contractors are successfully using Facebook, Nextdoor, Houzz, YouTube and (surprise) Google!

Our Ultimate Social Media Marketing Academy will bring together hundreds of home contracting businesses for a free online workshop with 4 sessions. You helped us identify the most-talked-about social media marketing platforms in 2018. Our in-house gurus have heard your questions and will be diving into ideas, training and secrets on Facebook, Nextdoor, Houzz, YouTube and the surprise social network of the year - Google.  

Over the last year, we've held 81 educational seminars with industry thought-leaders and partners to share actionable ideas on marketing and business growth. We're humbled to have been able to share valuable information with over 10,000 home improvement contractors across the country. We've learned a lot from all of you...namely the biggest marketing challenges that contractors like you face. We're really looking forward to sharing solutions that can help you turn these challenges into successes. 


11 Steps to Go From Facebook Likes to Leads

2.3 billion people now use Facebook every month, and 1.5 billion every day. Chances are your customers are on Facebook and you can reach them with these 11 simple steps.

Join the Conversation About Your Business on Nextdoor

Homeowners in your service area are using Nextdoor to recommend home services contractors to their neighbors...have you been recommended? We'll show you how to join the conversation about your business and become a Nextdoor favorite.

How to Rock Your Houzz Profile

There's a huge opportunity to get your business in front of customers online... Houzz is a favorite among 40 million homeowners, and not many exterior contractor businesses are using this platform to its fullest potential. Join this webinar to learn how to create the ultimate Houzz presence that allows you to engage this growing community.

Google & YouTube - The Big Social Network

With digital marketing constantly changing, there's a lot a business has to keep up with to stay ahead of the competition. Google has introduced these 12 new features that make it the biggest social can you use them for your business?


Surefire's team of experts have been transforming the way home services businesses think about digital marketing for several decades. They're looking forward to being a part of this event, learning about your businesses and sharing their wealth of industry knowledge.

SHASHI BELLAMKONDA Chief Marketing Officer

STEVE EASTLACK Content Marketing Strategist 

JENNY SYLVERS Marketing Strategist