7 Keys to Dominating Digital Marketing in 2019

Free Contractor Training Webinar | Available Online

David Reed VP, Sales Surefire Local

Join us for a featured presentation of the 7 ways your business can dominate digital in 2019. It’ll walk through the core pillars of your online presence as well as demonstrate the technology that thousands of home services contractors are using to get real results with digital marketing.  

  • LEAD MANAGEMENT monitor incoming leads, get text notifications and follow-up directly from mobile 
  • CONTENT & SOCIAL publish directly to website and social media channels  
  • DIRECTORY LISTINGS submit yourbusiness to local directories and check current listings  
  • REVIEWS monitor and request online reviews across multiple channels, respond directly  
  • ONLINE ADVERTISING generate more qualified leads with quick-start Google AdWords campaigns  
  • ANALYTICS analyze and understand data to help inform future marketing decisions and investments

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