Contractor Tech Trends for 2019:  

How Google Helps You Use AR/VR & #BigData Tools to be More Efficient

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Noble Ackerson Google Developers Expert  

Virtual reality is a growing trend in many industries, including the home services/HVAC/Roofing and remodeling industry. With the power of Google’s technology it may not be too far off that this using these technologies will be common practice.

Google Developer Expert, Noble Ackerson will discuss how Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Big Data tools can help contractors be more efficient and do more work.  

Google, in particular, is focused on bringing several applications for contractors to persuade homeowners when they present their project and shorten the sales process:

  • Plane detection technology
  • Where the texture of the wall is detected
  • Placing objects on walls to visually represent a remodeling project
  • Using models to show homeowners new shingles and roof measurements