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Are You Fit to Grow? 10 Criteria to a Fit Business

Get an inside look at how the top business owners and home improvement contractors across the country are tackling the challenge of growing their businesses in today's customer-empowered world

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Mark G. Richardson  

Leading Authority in the Home Improvement Industry & Author of 3 best-selling books

Michelle Lettmann

Dedicated Host & On-Air Personality

Before you get caught in the trap of thinking “My team is really busy” equals “My business is doing really well,” you might want to consider taking a step back to get some much-needed perspective.

During this free online workshop, Mark G. Richardson walks you through simple and concise ways to take inventory of your business, develop plans for improvement, and implement the changes needed to succeed.

Some of the things you'll learn are how to:

  • Measure your business with a 10-point business check-up
  • Interpret these results and establish benchmarks to determine specific areas where your business can improve
  • Develop methodical, step-by-step processes for change to remove any mystery from the process of improving
  • Break down the misconceptions that could lead you astray to set the stage for success in all of your business endeavors
  • Learn the basic tools to build a better, healthier business by measuring progress and monitoring success

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